Monday, January 4, 2016


IS ABOUT TO GET ...........      FASTER !!!

The white-haired gentleman above is the great JOHN HOWARD, 3-time Olympian, Hawaii Ironman Triathlon winner, and man who set a bicycle speed record of 153 mph behind a rocket car on the Bonneville Salt Flats. Almost 70, he's still a monster, having won the 75-mile race at the Tour de Tucson last month (in 3:07!). That's 24 mph!

Now he is training to take it to the next level. Agreeing to be a "guinea pig" for a new training book I am writing (more on this below), Howard is doing MAXIMUM OVERLOAD -- the radical strength-training program developed by coach-to-the-stars JACQUES DeVORE. Jacques coached time-trail specialist Dave Zabriskie in his last year, with exceptional results. I briefly wrote about MAXIMUM OVERLOAD in pgs 57-to-60 of my book "BIKE FOR LIFE: HOW TO RIDE TO 100 — AND BEYOND." Now Jacques and I are turning MAXIMUM OVERLOAD into an entire book for RODALE PRESS.

Here is Howard, working-out out Sunday morning in Jacques' gym, Sirens & Titans Fitness in West Los Angeles, doing one-legged presses and deadlifts, two exercises that are part of the innovative MAXIMUM OVERLOAD protocol. The woman is someone you'll be hearing about soon: DENISE MUELLER, a former junior national champion who now, at age 42, who is being trained by John to set her own 150mph Bonneville speed record! Their workout, consisting of about a dozen exercises and warm-up drills, takes about 45 minutes. It is done twice a week in the off-season and once or twice a week in season.

                                                        MAXIMUM OVERLOAD builds fatigue-proof sustainable power. Translation: You won't gas-out on the second half of a long ride anymore! You will climb the 6th hill of the day as fast as the first. You'll recover faster. You'll be faster because you won't slow down. You'll finish higher in the pack because everyone else does slow down. And athletes over 35 will not see their muscle mass shriveling anymore.

Why weights? Weights — especially heavy weights that you can't do more than 6 or 7 reps of — can give you an "overload" that the hardest riding can't. The more you overload the muscles, the stronger and more powerful they get. "Maximize" the overload (using Jacques's unique but simple protocol) and your power really jumps. Make the exercizes comparable to and supportive of cycling movements, and you can harden the mover muscles against fatigue like never before!

<<<<To the left: DeVore teaches Howard how to pinch his scapulas to reduce his kyphosis, common in cyclists and anyone who sits a lot. 

Find a 6-pg INTERVIEW of HOWARD on pgs 23-28 of the new edition of BIKE FOR LIFE. Also, as I mentioned, find an abbreviated version of MAXIMUM OVERLOAD on pgs 57 to 60. Jacques and I will try to train as many people as possible in order to collect data for the book, which will be called "MAXIMUM OVERLOAD FOR CYCLISTS." Want to be trained in M.O. or know of someone who does? PLEASE CONTACT ME at You'll join Howard and other fast people...getting faster.

>>>Below:   Former 14-time Jr. National Champion Denise Mueller, who Howard is now training to set a new women's cycling speed record of 150MPH at Bonneville, demonstrating the deadlift. 


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