Sunday, April 10, 2016


I interviewed Kevin Hart for a few minutes this morning at 9 a.m. in Downtown L.A. before he led a workout for 1000 people. He's a big workout fanatic and has an "ambassador" deal with Nike that has him and a group of trainers and a DJ with blaring rap music going all over the country and leading Sunday morning workouts. So I stayed around for the workout, which was a bunch of burpees, pushups, lunges, etc. It was done on a grassy lawn right across from the LA City Hall building, which is behind us in the photo. 

The exercises were exhausting if you went all-out as Kevin instructed us. They were not a problem for me; I plowed right through them, although about half of the crowd gassed-out and slowed down quickly .

When it's over, a young dude, who looked like he was about in his mid- to late 20s, comes up to me and says "you're an inspiration! "

I have no idea what he means. I see that he's wearing a Nike shirt. So I think that maybe he's with Nike Inc, Kevin Hart's sponsor, and it's his job to tell everybody that they are an inspiration

But no. He starts to say "you're an inspiration because…

Oh no-- is he going to say THAT? Before he says it, I look around at the crowd. I see no one else with gray hair. I see no one else seemingly above the age of 30.

So here it comes: I am an inspiration because I am old. OLD. It has come to that.

I ask young dude how old he is. He says he's 30. He's not a college kid -- he's 30 years old, 30 -- a grown-ass man! And I am now so old -- so clearly, obviously, irrefutably older than him or anyone else — almost double his age! -- that I now officially have become an inspiration just for not keeling over and requiring CPR! 

It has come to that.

This is way worse than the first day that someone calls you "sir" or "ma'am."


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