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Some of you may know that the legendary John Howard, 3-time Olympian, Ironman champion, and former world record bicycle land speed holder (153 mph), is undergoing Maximum Overload training, and his metamorphosis from great to greater will be documented in the book I am now writing with M.O. creator Jacques DeVore. Well, since John is a renowned coach himself, he couldn't help but see MY tremendous potential to become a world-class athlete. I politely suggested that I have already missed that window by 4 decades, but Howard would have none of it. He knows talent when he sees it, even when everyone else apparently missed it altogether, and insisted that I come down to his house/cycling museum in Encinitas today and undergo my first computerized SpinSpan session and his own patented anatomical analysis. The results:
SpinScan found that my right leg was way underpowered compared to the left. John did not need the sophisticated analysis to see why: My right hip was stiff, compacted and locked-up. However, being a trained Dynamic Motion Therapist and ex[pert bike fitter, John went to work on me. After just a few minutes of his rotational stretches and hands-on bodywork, my hip loosened up, my sacrum leveled off (it had been crooked), and my efficiency went through the roof; compared to a half-mile time-trial test I did 30 minutes earlier, my power jumped by 20 % on a second test. "You have the power," he said, "and now you are learning how to use it."  Howard himself is learning stretches from Jacques to limber-up his kyphotic thoracic spine, which will allow him to safely lift more weight, which will increase his sustainable power.
As for me, with Jacque's Maximum Overload and Howard's coaching, clearly the sky's the limit for my future cycling greatness.
Did I mention that Howard is also a car collector?  His red 1951 Jag goes for $150k

Go to or the Bikeforlifebook Facebook page to see more. Photos below: Howard trying to fix my misaligned legs with several hip mobility stretches; his home is a veritable cycling museum; he also restores classic cars; John on the podium with the gold medal at the Pan Am Games in Columbia in 1971, finishing in first place at the 1981 Hawaii ironman, and setting a new world land speed record of 153 mph in 1985 on the Bonneville Salt Flats. 


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