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Denise Mueller, 43, mother of three, is training to ride a bicycle 153 MPH on the Bonneville Salt Flats this coming October.  Coached by the great 3-time Olympian John Howard and trained by sustainable-power guru Jacques DeVore of the Sirens & Titans Gym in West L.A., Denise, a Category 2 amateur rider, destroyed the 30-woman field on Saturday at the prestigious Barrio Logan Grand Prix in San Diego, not only beating Cat 1s and pro riders, but women 10 to 20 years younger!  She was  one of just a few women in her 40s.

This is amazing! This does not happen!

According to Denise: "It came down to a sprint. I walked away from everyone! I swear the Maximum Overload training in the gym is the real secret to what I saw in my sprint today! Maximum Overload works."

"The pro rider who finished second came up to me and said 'Nice sprint.' That felt good. John (Howard) told me, 'You've leveled up -- your baseline power is now higher.' I definitely feel it.   All racers should be doing Maximum Overload."

OK -- there's an ulterior motive here: I am writing a book about Maximum Overload with Devore, its inventor. We needed some high-profile guinea pigs to write about in the book, so I called John Howard, who has stayed remarkably fit into his late 60s by welcoming innovative ideas. As a surprise bonus, he brought Denise along with him -- and the girl really works, religiously following the heavy weight training regimen Jacques set up for her. Actually, she's a monster. She is pushing very heavy weights and proving that weights work for endurance athletes -- a very radical new idea that we say will revolutionize endurance training. Bottom line:  It's paying off for her -- and giving me lots to write about.

The photos below show her winning yesterday's race (a 50-minute criterium)  and doing Maximum Overload training in Jacques' gym the week before, building her "maximum sustainable power" (i.e.-- it makes your muscles so powerful that you don't poop out in the second half of the race) with explosive exercises like the MVP jumping machine, the deadlift, and walking lunges.  The cool thing for us average athletes and people over 45 or 50 is this: We can all build maximum sustainable power and stop muscle- and bone deterioration on our own with do-able exercises like weighted walking lunges and deadlifts done in the Maximum Overload protocol.

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