Wednesday, February 3, 2016


My Consumer Electronics Show report, which ran on Jan 30 in the L.A Times, was all about smart apps and smart spoons that train you not to eat so much, an electric shock watch that stops you from biting your nails, a do-it-yourself EKG monitor, a personal trainer who'll work you out in your bedroom at a moment's notice (on your cell phone, that is) and lot more. Some experts say most us of will get tired of this stuff after three months, stick it in a drawer and never use it again, while others say it can be life-changing. I think these are exciting developments, with huge performance and health benefits to be had, particularly allowing you to be your own doctor. 
Decide for yourself.  Here are my picks for some of the most standout inventions, a photo of the full-page story in the Times as it ran in print, and the on-line link to it:


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