Friday, May 20, 2016


Last Saturday, Krampin' Kennedy and I wanted to see how the other half does it. Now we know why they are so darn picky about who goes into their bathrooms.
Please leave the seat down, boys, next time you ride at Whiting Ranch (in OC)
And don't you think we could use some of those positive affirmations once in awhile, girls? We're "beautiful and strong," too!

Facts about the ride (one of the OC's classics. Located in FootHill Ranch, foothills of the Santa Ana Mountains, off Bake and Portola:

The standard loop at Whiting Ranch. 9.2 miles, 1400ft of climbing in 1 hr 18 minutes. Not too hard, but not easy. If you want,, you can connect on the back side to the STT and do the Luge, adding another 10 miles and lots of climbing.

for more details:


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